Catalyst Conference 2008 :: Jim Collins

• "If we only have GREAT businesses in our country we're only going to be prosperous. Greatness is not from the cards we're dealt...it's a choice and discipline." (Jim Collins, author 'Good to Great')

• "It takes time to get where you want to go...get the momentum going...turn the flywheel. Starbucks only had 5 stores in its first 13 years." (Jim Collins)

• "The great fall for most organizations is OVERREACHING. Seduced by our own success...hubris." (Jim Collins)

• "The right WHO = the right WHAT. The right WHO prepares you and your organization for everything you'll encounter, especially in turmoil." (Jim Collins)

• "Leaders of the 'Good to Great' organizations were HUMBLE. Humility defined by absolute passion for the misson and vision of the organization, not themselves. If it's about you...nothing truly great will happen." (Jim Collins)

• "Make your NOT TO DO list as robust as your TO DO list." (Jim Collins)

• "Every generation needs to develop its own practices to exemplify the values that cut across generations." (Jim Collins)

Here are 5 things Jim asked everyone to do when we get home:
1. How many key seats are on the bus for your organization? How can you get to 100%?
2. Build a personal board of directors...people who push, young people who would be in your face
3. Take intentional quiet time...nothing scheduled, no electronics
4. Ask questions versus statements
5. Ask yourself...are you ready to endure the pain to become a Level 5 leader?

• "Have an Annual top 3 to do and a top 3 not to do." (Jim Collins)

• "The moment you have to tightly manage someone, most likely you made a hiring mistake. The key is leading...not managing." (Jim Collins)


Catalyst Conference 2008 :: Andy Stanley and Moral Authority

Catalyst (noun) an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action.

A catalyst of learning, worship, social action, growth, leadership and action...that about sums up the Catalyst Conference experience for me. It is an intense 48 hours to say the least. A lineup that ran the spectrum from influential church leaders to marketing gurus. It was amazing to sit at their feet and absorb.

Over the next few days I'm going to post some of the top points I heard from the conference. They're amazing snippets from amazing thinkers...take some time to read them.

• "Moral authority is when your creed and deed are aligned. Compromising this will jeopardize any influence you have and that's all of us mostly have...influence. We can't make people do things. So make sure your PUBLIC and PRIVATE moral authority are aligned." (Andy Stanley)

• "Everyone has sad stories of being mistreated, underpaid, stabbed in the back, etc but Jesus' example helps us move past this...there is NO excuse for bitter, angry church leaders. If we allow bitterness and anger then we lose moral authority. RESOLVE YOUR JUNK! The boldest step you'll take is to get on your knees and release your junk to God." (Andy Stanley)

• "In your family if you can't speak with moral authority...it's done! Don't sacrifice the position NO one else can fill (father or mother) for a position at work many people can fill." (Andy Stanley)