2010 Reading List

I have always wanted to read more and, of late, have found my reading decreasing to a virtual standstill. So...I'm publishing my reading list for 2010 for accountability more than anything. Too often we have "resolutions" we share with no one and, therefore, have no accountability when we fall off the wagon. So here it is...more aggressive, more diverse and a bit daunting. I found inspiration and influence from a long-time friend (Bob Hostetler, a pastor and author in Oxford, OH) and his annual list. I modeled my list much after his own and am hoping for an exciting literary year.



The Operator: David Geffen (King)


Lucky: A Memoir (Alice Sebold)


The Moviegoer (Percy)

1984 (Orwell)

Black Boy (Wright)


On Writing (King)


Churchill (P. Johnson)

New author:

The Brief History of the Dead (Brockmeir)

Poet for 2010: Rainer Maria Rilke

Stories of God

Letters to a Young Poet

Selected Poetry of Rilke

Favorites Authors:

Saint Maybe (Tyler)

Free Fall (Golding)

The Innocent Man (Grisham)

Weight of Glory (Lewis)


10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe (Osborne)

Jesus wants to save Christians (Bell)

Divine Conspiracy (Willard)

Sacredness of Questioning Everything (Dark)


Branding Faith (Cook)

Designful Company (Neumeier)

How the Mighty Fall (Collins)

Built to Last (Collins)

What got you here won’t get you there (Goldsmith)

The Ten Faces of Innovation (Kelley)


National Suicide (Gross)


The Phantom Tollbooth (Juster)


With Open Hands (Nouwen)

A Barclay Prayer Book (Barclay)

Provocations (Kierkegaard and Moore)

The Open Secret (Newbigin)

Big Pagers:

Brothers Karamazov (Dostoevsky)

Les Miserables (Hugo)


Eric Wright said...

Wow! Big list. Going from standstill to the Mt. Everest of reading lists :)

On Writing is fantastic!
Divine Conspiracy is difficult in a good way...very deep.
The Brothers Karamazov is good, but long!!!

Jessica Harper said...

Looks to me like you have read a fair bit to be fair!
More than me anyways! haha!
I am forever wishing and vowing I will read more. But I just never succeed!

cris said...

nice list
I should read some of these too :)

Maroussia said...

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