A Challenge for Dads

The challenge for dads:

"I ask men what they do when they come home from work and they say, "Play with my kids." I ask why and they answer, "I haven't seen them all day." I then say, "Your wife hasn't seen you all day either. Why don't you go straight home, straight to your wife and let your children know your marriage is the most important relationship in your life, not your relationship with them because this is good for them to know."

John Rosemond, Nationally recognized Child psychologist


MessengerBoy said...

Because sometimes the best way you can demonstrate your love to your wife is to give her a break from the kids. (Assuming she stays at home with them, of course.)

Eric Alder said...

Obversely, playing with your kids shows your wife that you value your family - of which she is an integral part.

There's no right or wrong order to show affection to your family, just be sure to cover all the bases.

rama said...

The main focus would definitely be the children, for they are young, and the wife also may feel the same way. Parents are matured, they know how to divide their time with their loved ones. Correct me if I am wrong.
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The Seidlers said...

I agree with that although the mere fact that you're showing any kind of affection to any of your family shows them your commitment.